Empowering ambitious women to build a simple, structured, flexible business and life – no wishful thinking required for this lifestyle that already exists!

Hey there, I’m Saba!

travel enthusiast, passionate business mentor, coach, and strategist for service providers

Wondering how to live a life of freedom that’s filled with stability, experiences, and connections? I’ve got you!


So, you’re a fearless go-getter…Let’s take a trip together.

I’m piloting a flight of transformation for women who are bold in going after the life of their dreams.

If we challenged each other to take action we could change the course of the journey and take over the world. That’s what sisterhood is all about, right?

Begin Your Adventure


You deserve a cheerleader, mentor, and sidekick all all in one. With my 3 or 6 month 1:1 coaching program, you’re getting exactly that. I’ll help you break down barriers, turn goals into celebrations and transform your entrepreneurial dreams into your everyday reality.

pick my brain → 1:1 strategy Session for Service Pros

New to running a service-based business? Or are you a seasoned service pro? Well, either way, you’re going to love this strategy session that’s packed with chatting it up about your dream client’s needs, brainstorming exciting services, and MORE! By the way, you’ll also love the solid action plan that you’ll receive after your session wraps up.


Feeling a bit swamped with all the tedious tasks that are required to scale your business? 

You’re doing all the things including:

  • Trying to squeeze in time to create digital products for passive income 
  • Anxiously vetting out contractors to lighten your load 
  • Getting lost in tech tutorials, attempting to implement automation to streamline your business systems and reduce operating costs

Well, say goodbye to the stress and endless Google searches…

…And say hello to my done-for-you OPS Management service. I’m talking ultimate peace of mind with retainer-based support, PLUS an operations audit/build out that goes beneath the surface of your systems.

The InDemandVA Course

Deep within you, lies a valuable skill set and years of valuable experience, waiting to be harnessed and monetized in this virtual, internet-driven world! Well, this is where The InDemandVA Course comes in. 

This course is designed to empower women like you to tap into the thriving virtual assistant industry and create a fulfilling, flexible, and financially rewarding career from the comfort of your own home – or quite frankly from anywhere you choose!

Fearlessly Building Empires

One of my clients built her own virtual assistant agency while working full-time, even covering her unpaid maternity leave with her business earnings. She’s now living her dream, enjoying the same security and more income than her previous job could offer.

Another client, a ninth-grade teacher and single mom, felt drained and underpaid. She decided to start her VA journey, and within five months, she left her teaching job, enjoying the freedom to be there for her son and pursue new opportunities.

One student, a traveler, joined my course and used her VA business to fund her move from Florida to Ghana. Now, she’s living her digital nomad dreams, experiencing a new culture, and pursuing her master’s degree, all thanks to her thriving VA business.

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