Building a balanced, fulfilling, and rewarding life as a female entrepreneur isn't easy but it’s possible!

Hey there, I’m Saba! I’m just your everyday girl who loves sipping on smooth matcha lattes, hitting the gym to crush my fitness goals, traveling to new destinations, indulging in great food, and enjoying a relaxing skincare routine. But above all, family comes first! 

 Coming from a family of immigrants, I’ve developed a deep understanding and respect for the different struggles we all face. Not everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, and that’s OK. Our differences make us unique, and in no way mean we can’t all achieve greatness.

Chapter One

How My Adventure Started…


It wouldn’t surprise you that I was once a travel and food blogger, right? The two just go hand in hand! 

And get this: For nine long years, I hustled as a server, collecting tips and wiping down tables. During that time, I never really saw myself as an entrepreneur.  For the most part, my focus was doing what I was told – nothing more, nothing less – because let’s face it, I wasn’t getting paid to do more than just that. 

Well, my passion for blogging and the heart to serve others unexpectedly led me to apply for a video editing job – despite having no editing skills.

Although I didn’t get the job, she saw potential in me and suggested that if I was up for it, she could use me as her VA. After working as her VA for four months, the pandemic hit – and everything came to halt, including my job as a server. 

During this time, a friend recommended a course for aspiring virtual assistants.

Taking the leap

During this time, a friend recommended a course for aspiring virtual assistants. 

Initially, I hesitated due to my mood, lack of online course experience, and financial constraints. However, just after being laid off, my job surprised us with a $1,000 gift card, which I used to join the course. Unfortunately, the course didn’t meet my expectations. But, despite my doubts, I wasn’t giving up there! I knew things were going to take a major turn. 

I decided to take another course on Pinterest. I used it to market my previous blog content – sharing my experiences during the lockdown which included my many travels. However, I was leaving behind a trail of debt because I was using my credit cards to fund most of my trips. 

Inquiring more debt while being unemployed was just the wake-up call I needed to boss up! And just like anything in life, God has a way of blessing you when you match your faith with WORK. Suddenly people started asking for my VA services, including my Pinterest coach! I leveraged her network and gained a lot of clients from her coaching industry. Filled with excitement, I buckled down to help my clients with Pinterest, administration, and social media.

Chapter Two
“Becoming a virtual assistant not only gave me the space to do what I enjoy and get paid for it, I began to finally make more than enough.”

Before I knew it, my mountain of debt was getting smaller. I’d finally reached a turning point because my VA business pulled me out of 18K worth of debt in less than 6 months!

Like you, I craved the freedom to travel, the luxury to spend time with my loved ones, and the ability to just kick back and enjoy life without money being an issue. With my business, I’ve found a way to do just that, and it’s exactly why you’re scrolling on my website.

Chapter Three

Where passion, perseverance, and authenticity fuels your entrepreneurial journey

Listen, I love a GOOD Instagram filter and an amazing celebratory moment…But let’s be real: Everything’s not always peachy.

The entrepreneurial journey has its lows just as much as it does its highs, and I’m not about to hide that from you. When you bump into the real, the raw, the “this-is-how-hard-it-really-is,” I promise you’ll appreciate it. Even if it means learning some tough lessons.

Personally, I’m a risk-taker when it comes to my goals. Every day, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and savoring every moment. Can you feel the thrill? I hope you do because that’s the vibe I bring into every experience with my clients.

Oh, fair warning: I’ve been called ‘overly generous’ more times than I can count, but hey, isn’t that what the world needs more of? I wholeheartedly believe in sharing the knowledge I’ve gained as a woman in business because here’s the thing: I didn’t get here alone. God has guided my path – and many incredible women have mentored and cheered me on throughout my journey.

So, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, put in the work, and learn from someone who’s been there, done that, then I’m here for you.

“I believe in hard work, being persistent, resilient and playing the long game.”

I hold myself accountable. Always. Every bump in the road, every curveball life throws at me, I use it as an opportunity to ask, “What could I have done better?” and “Where do I go from here?”

These questions usually result in me going to the drawing board to create a solid plan. You see, I firmly believe in the power of self-awareness, of constantly striving to improve and grow. Ultimately, it’s best to play the long game of building something of lasting value and impact, instead of taking shortcuts or chasing quick wins.

Repeat After Me:

. I’ll no longer box myself in.

I’ve helped 200+ fearless women create a life of freedom, stability, experiences, and connections. Because after all, isn’t that the very reason you started your business? To break free from being chained to the limitations of traditional work?

I’m all about building up women who are unapologetically bold in going after what they want. Because let’s face it: You’ve been too accustomed to playing it safe, sticking to the “regular” way of doing things, which is why like most women, you’re still a bit of a minority in this world.  

But guess what? It’s not too late to shake things up. You can break through barriers and rewrite the rules to ultimately become the pilot of your business and life. 

No more hiding your ambitions or boxing yourself into what society thinks of you. I’m here to prove that you can be a successful and adventurous entrepreneur right now, so stop daydreaming. It’s like already here, waiting for you!

My Absolute Favorite Thing About This Work

That moment when I see the spark in my client’s eyes as she realizes that YES, she CAN make her dreams a reality, fills me with excitement! 

I’m totally here for the long brainstorming sessions, exciting pivots, and celebratory dances. 

Witnessing you – an incredible woman, stepping into your power and creating a business that is a true extension of your passion and skills but fits the lifestyle you want to live is by far my favorite part about the work that I do.

Let Your Fearlessness Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Journey

If you’re ready to step into a new chapter of your life that’s not just successful, but is also fulfilling then let’s talk.  It’s time for you to say goodbye to those 3 am “what ifs” and hello to a business that leaves room for unforgettable experiences.

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