If Your Goal Is To Scale Your Business, Then Hiring Help Is A Non-Negotiable.


75% of entrepreneurs will suffer from burnout during their business.


This burnout keeps them from increasing their revenue, running a sustainable business, and staying healthy and productive. This mostly stems from continuing to do work that drains them.

So how much is it REALLY costing you to not have a virtual assistant? 

Connecting with your new
virtual assistant is simple...

Our Students Have Experience In:

Hey there, I’m Saba!

travel enthusiast, passionate business mentor, and OPERATIONS MANAGER.
If your goal is to scale, then hiring help will get you there faster (and help you avoid burnout)…

I’ve successfully trained over 300 virtual assistants through my curriculum and have connected over 500 entrepreneurs with a VA. 
Please fill out the form above as detailed as possible and you will be connected with a VA that has gone through our signature program; In Demand VA.
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